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True Empowerment

Unlike traditional gene therapy startups focused on ex vivo approaches, Genuin Advanced Therapies is at the forefront of in vivo gene therapy innovations, striving for precision, safety, and efficacy in addressing a broad spectrum of genetic disorders.

We are in stealth mode

At Genuin Advanced Therapies, we are at the forefront of a new era in medical science, dedicated to pioneering in vivo gene therapies that hold the promise of addressing a vast spectrum of genetic disorders. Our focus on precision, safety, and efficacy sets us apart in a rapidly evolving industry.
Our journey began with a clear vision to bridge the gap between genetic science and real-world applications. We assembled a team of seasoned experts who bring over 70 years of combined industry experience to the table. With a rich history of contributions in the cell and gene therapy space, our team will be instrumental in advancing the understanding and practical applications of gene therapies.
In the highly competitive and rapidly evolving landscape of gene therapy, maintaining a strategic edge is crucial. Our choice to operate in stealth mode reflects our commitment to preserving the integrity and confidentiality of our innovative projects until they are ready for public engagement.
This approach allows us to focus on rigorous research, development, and partnerships without the distractions or competitive pressures common in the public domain. It also enables us to build strong foundations with our partners and stakeholders, ensuring that when we do emerge from stealth mode, we do so with impactful and well-validated therapies that can truly make a difference in the lives of patients.
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